Shelters operation hours’ are 9:00 am – 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm 7 days a week

The City of Nevada’s Animal Shelter is located on S 1400 Rd. From Austin Blvd take Prewitt Street (located between Woods supermarket and Delway) south. Follow the road as it curves west and then back south. You will go down a big hill and cross some railroad tracks. We are located on the west side with a chain link fence all around. The Animal Shelter is operated by the Public Safety Division.

Our mission is to house and care for all animals impounded within the city limits of Nevada. The Animal Shelter does not accept any animals from outside the city. The Animal Shelter has 12 large dog runs, 6 small dog runs, 4 dog quarantine runs and 12 cat cages. Two employees care for the animals 7 days a week. Animals are fed and watered on a regular basis and receive limited medical treatment.

The Animal Shelter holds animals to be reclaimed by the owners and/or adopted to new owners. The shelter also confines aggressive/dangerous animals for public safety reasons. Animals are only held for 15 days from the date of impound. Fees will be charged according to the situation.

Reclaim animal– There will be a $10 dog/ $5 cat impound fee and $4 a day boarding fee. (example- A dog impounded for 3 days will cost $22 to reclaim)

Adoption– Animals may be adopted from the shelter after they have been held for 5 days. This gives the original owner time to reclaim the animal or notify the shelter they intend to reclaim. The city charges an adoption fee of $10 dog/ $5 cat. For any unneutered/unsprayed animal the city will collect a $20 deposit. Once the animal has been spayed/neutered the deposit will be refunded.

Transfers– The City of Nevada does transfer animals to rescues as allowed by Missouri Statute. Organizations must present an Animal Care Facility License to shelter personnel. Transfers to Licensed rescues is free of charge.

The City of Nevada does not knowingly adopt sick or aggressive animals to anyone.

Currently when animals are impounded at the shelter they are vaccinated with a combination shot to help stop the Parvovirus from entering the shelter. Any animal not able to be adopted or unsafe to handle/care for are taken to be euthanized. Animals not reclaimed or adopted after 15 days are also euthanized. The staff at the shelter attempt to place/return as many animals as possible via adoptions, reclaims and transfers to rescues. The City of Nevada uses the most humane method available to euthanize its animals.

Also available at the Animal Shelter is the yearly dog license. All dogs, over the age of 6 months,  within the City of Nevada are required to have a dog license and for that license to be attached to the dog at all times per 5-25b of the City Code. License can be purchased at the Shelter or the Public Safety Building located at 120 S Ash. Please bring the animal’s current rabies vaccination certificate.

License prices are as follows:

Neutered/spayed dog- $5.00

Intact male or female dog- $10.00



Other services offered

 Surrendering animals– A resident of the city may surrender, free of charge, any cat or dog to the city shelter. Proof of residence will be asked for. In some circumstances animals may not be able to be taken. Examples would be overcrowded, the animal has bit some one in the last 15 days, or the animal is sick and not adoptable.

Request to Euthanize– Per the city code, residents can request their animal be euthanized.   Prior coordination is required for this service.

For any questions in our services please contact the shelter staff at 448-5109 during our regular business hours. In case of emergency or after hours contact the Nevada Police Dept. at 448-5100. You can also see the CURRENT Animals at the shelter on and on the Nevada Missouri Animal Shelter Facebook web page.