The parks found throughout the City of Nevada are the perfect place to play and stay active! Parks are listed alphabetically. Select a park’s name below to see what kinds of amenities you can find at each park and get directions!

Davis Park
Davis Park is located at 508 N. Centennial Blvd (East 54 Hwy)

This park consists of the following:
1 shelter house with 3 picnic tables
3 picnic tables on concrete pads
3 barbeque grills
1 park bench
1 drinking fountain
1 merry-go-round
1 tot swing
2 big kid swings
1 tornado slide
1 digger toy
Restroom facilities

Earp Park
Earp Park is located at 304 W. Austin Blvd

This park consists of the following:
1 water fountain with aerial display
1 small shelter with a picnic table
4 park benches around the fountain
1 caboose
Restroom facilities

Horseshoe Park
The Horseshoe pits are located at 211 N. Ash St.

This park consists of the following:
6 horseshoe pits
1 picnic table on concrete pad

(Leonard) - Hester Park
Leonard Hester park is located at 1234 N. Cedar St.

This park consists of the following:
1 swing set

Izaak Walton Park
Izaak Walton Park is located at 500 W. Atlantic St

Included in the (Izaak) – Walton Park is the Family Aquatics Center, Soccer Fields and Skate Park.

This park consists of the following:
1 shelter house with 4 picnic tables
1 picnic table on a concrete pad
2 picnic tables with roofs
1 drinking fountain
1 kids Filippo slide
2 tot swings
1 Billie goats gruff toy
3 spring toys
1 tot area with crawl tubes and merry-go-round
1 adult glider swing
1-10-acre lake with a ¾ mile and a 1 mile chat walking trail
1 regulation lighted soccer field, storage building and portable restroom
1 ADA accessible fishing dock
1 paved boat ramp (non-gas powered boats allowed only)
Restroom facilities (ADA accessible)

Fishing is allowed on Walton Lake and is regulated by the Missouri Department of Conservation and their rules and guidelines.

Marmaduke Park
Marmaduke Park is located at 600 W. Highland Ave This park is an excellent choice for having parties or family reunions.

This park consists of the following:
2 shelter houses with 4 picnic tables in each shelter house
1 big kid slide
1 monkey bars
3 big kid swings
Tot swings
1 small amphitheater with seating
Restroom facilities

Postlethwaite Park
Postlethwaite Park is located at 1325 S. Washington St.

This park is a natural area with wetlands.

Radio Springs Park
Radio Springs Park is located at 1100 S. College St

This park is famous for having beautiful weddings in the gazebo that sits on the island. There is a beautiful bridge that connects the outer lake-side to the island. Radio Springs is also home of the spectacular Drive-Through Light Display that is put on every December by the Parks and Recreation Department.

This park is split into two sections.

The playground area located in the upper section of the park consists of:
1 large shelter house with 8 picnic tables
4 picnic tables on concrete pads
3 barbeque grills
1 drinking fountain
1 play deck system for 5-12 years old
1 play deck system for 2-12 years old
2 riding spring toys
1 centipede jungle gym (big kids)
1 merry-go-round
5 swings for the older kids
Restroom facilities

The lake-side section consists of:
7-acre lake
One half mile chat waking trail around the lake
Park benches around the lake
1 gazebo on the island with benches, electrical water
1 gazebo beside the lake with a picnic table
1 ADA accessible fishing dock
1 concrete boat ramp (non-gas powered boats allowed only)
1 portable restroom

Spring Street Park
Spring Street Park is located at 1145 S. Spring St

This park consists of the following:
1 shelter house with 6 picnic tables on the East side of the park
1 large shelter house with 6 picnic tables on the East side of the park
4 barbeque grills
6 picnic tables on concrete pads
4 swings for big kids
1 large play deck system for 5-12 year olds
2 park benches by the play deck
1 tot lot with play deck system, tot swings and merry-go-round (fenced)
1 drinking fountain
Restroom facilities

Twin Lakes Park
Twin Lakes Park is located at 17320 E Quail Rd, NevadaMO

This park consists of the following:
2-300ft lighted softball fields with dugouts
(Nevada Parks and Recreation soccer games played in the outfield in the fall)
1 tee ball/practice field with dugouts
Permanent bleachers on all fields
6 swings for big kids
4 swings for tots
Bathroom facilities

Twin Lakes Park is also the home of the Little League Football program complete with Little League Football field, concession stand, permanent bleachers and press box.

Walton Park Skate Park
Walton Park Skate Park is located at 400 W. Atlantic St

It is a 100ft x 100ft fenced facility designed as a street course by American Ramp Company. The facility requires safety helmets and other safety gear is recommended. A pay phone is located right outside the facility for your safety. Boards, blades and bikes are allowed. The park is open during daylight hours.

Skate Park Rules and Regulations – For Your Safety and Enjoyment For All Participants
Skate Park is open during daylight hours only. Gates will be locked at dusk
All skaters must wear safety equipment. (Failure to wear safety equipment or to follow rules could result in loss of park privileges.)
Skate at your own risk. Park is not staffed with attendant.
All skaters must skate safely and in control at all times and avoid collisions with others.
(Fighting or other disruptive behavior will result in loss of skating privilege.)
All forms of graffiti, tagging or other means of defacing City property is strictly prohibited.
Such activity will result in closure of the facility until it can be cleaned or repaired.
Only one person per skateboard.
All equipment used by skaters must be in good condition and not damaged the park or its structures.
No food, drink, or chewing gum may be brought into the skating area.
Drugs/alcohol and tobacco products Are prohibited. This is a drug free/smoke free facility and area.
Gear and clothing not in use must be stored outside skating area. Shirts must be worn at all times.
Spectators are not permitted inside the fenced skating area.
The City is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
Notify Parks and Recreation Department of any unsafe conditions found inside or outside of the park By calling, 448-5110.
In case of an emergency, call Police Department, 448-2710 or 911.


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