On December 19, 2019 an Employee Survey was conducted. Of the 83 full-time employees 65 responded to the Survey. The results are below followed by a summary of the responses.

Employees were asked:  “To rate the communications within the City and suggest some ways we can improve?”

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Communications Concerns:

  • Need better transparency from Administration to Employees.
  • Not feeling part of a Team
  • Limited ways to express employee concerns
  • Need to improve interaction from Manager to Employees.

Communications Ideas:

  • Employee Newsletter
  • Staff Meetings
  • Cross training from Departments that interact.

Employees were asked: “Are you satisfied with the tools and technologies provided to your department and if not, what would you suggest?”

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Tool & Tech Concerns:

  • Not every employee has access to a computer or email
  • Limited Budget for needed tool purchase
  • Need Better Safety Training

Tool & Tech Ideas:

  • Sharing of Resources
  • Equipment & Vehicle Maintenance policy across all departments
  • Job Related software

Employees were asked: Do you feel valued for the work you do and what are some ways we can improve?”

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Feeling Valued Concerns:

  • Merit Raises & Insurance Cost
  • Employee Morale
  • Need Better Safety Training

Feeling Valued Ideas:

  • Employee Appreciation Day
  • More employee fun events

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