A lot of calls are coming into City Hall concerning the leaf pick up schedule.  The pickup schedule is as follows:

Starting Monday November 29, 2021 the collection truck will start in the Southwest corner of the city (in the Woods Supermarket area).  Work their way to the Northwest area, then move east to the Northeastern area and then finishing up in the Southeastern section of town.  There will be 2 rounds so if you missed the first round no worries there will come by again but get your leaves out as soon as possible to ensure collection.  Rake leaves into an open area along the curb but NOT into the street.  Avoid mailboxes, fire hydrants, signs, parked cars and other obstacles that would prevent the leaf collection truck from getting to your leaves.  DO NOT park in front of your piles of leaves, piles blocked by vehicles will not be picked up.  PLEASE REMOVE all sticks, brush, stones and other debris from your piles of leaves. These may cause damage to the machinery.  Thanks so much for your cooperation.

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