Public notice is hereby given that a Regular Session of the Nevada City Council will be held on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers located at 120 S. Ash, Nevada, Missouri.

If you have need for accommodation and would like to have access to disability related auxiliary aids or services, contact the City Clerk’s Office at 110 S. Ash, Nevada, MO 64772; phone, 417-448-5102; fax, 417-381-1938; or email Twenty-four hours notice is requested.

This Agenda may be modified with the express or implied consent of the City Council during the meeting.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
7:00 p.m.

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Invocation – Gary Almquist

4. Roll Call

5. Proclamations

6. Approval of Minutes

a. November 21, 2017 Special Session City Council Minutes

b. November 21, 2017 Regular Session City Council Minutes

7. Appointments to Boards and Commissions

8. Consideration of Bids

a. Bid No. 2017-58 2018 Fuel – Public Works

b. Bid No. 2017-62 High Service Pump #1 Replacement – Alliance

9. Public Participation from Those Registered with the City Clerk

10. Communications and Petitions

a. Cassie Sanders, Kaysinger Basin – Vernon County Hazard Mitigation Plan

11. Old Business

a. Second Reading of Bill No. 2017-063 accepting additional right-of-way easements for the Clay Street Phase II Sewer Project.

b. Second Reading of Bill No. 2017-064 authorizing the execution of an agreement with Timberworks Lumberjack Show for a special event scheduled on October 6, 2018.

c. Second Reading of Bill No. 2017-065 authorizing the City of Nevada, Missouri to issue its Taxable Industrial Revenue Bonds (Mareth Enterprises, LLC Project), in a principal amount not to exceed
$960,000, for the purpose of providing funds to pay the costs of  acquiring and improving an Industrial Development Project; approving a plan for the Project; and authorizing the City to enter into certain agreements and take certain other actions in connection with the issuance of the bonds.

12. New Business

a. Consideration of Bill No. 2017-066 Amending Chapter 6 of the Nevada City Code pertaining to Dangerous Buildings.

b. Consideration of Bill No. 2017-067 Authorizing the execution of an agreement by and between the Vernon County Commission and the City of Nevada Missouri for 911 Dispatch Services.

c. Consideration of Bill No. 2017-068 Authorizing a fee structure for Hangar rentals and other fees at the Nevada Municipal Airport.

d. Consideration of Bill No. 2017-069 Approving and authorizing the execution of Amendment No. 3 to the contract between the City of Nevada, Missouri and Alliance Water Resources, Inc.

e. Public Hearing regarding the 2018 water and sewer rates.

f. Consideration of Bill No. 2017-070 Amending Chapter 28 of the Nevada City Code pertaining to sewers and sewage disposal.

g. Consideration of Bill No. 2017-071 Amending Chapter 40 of the Nevada City Code pertaining to water service.

h. Consideration of Bill No. 2017-072 Amending the Fiscal 2017 Budget.

i. Public Hearing concerning the 2018 Annual Fiscal Budget of the City of Nevada, Missouri.

j. Consideration of Bill No. 2017-073 Approving the Fiscal 2018 Budget of the City of Nevada, Missouri, appropriating from the revenue of the City requisite funds therefor, providing for the adjustments thereof, providing for the salaries of the City employees, approving the Five-
Year Capital Improvement Program, updating the Organization Chart, and approving the Public Records and Abatement Fee schedules.

k. Consideration of Bill No. 2017-074 Establishing a Fee Schedule for the use of the Franklin P. Norman City County Community Center.

l. Consideration of Bill No. 2017-075 Establishing a Fee Schedule for the use of the Park Shelter Houses, Colonel John Marmaduke Community Building and Twin Lakes Sports Complex Ball Fields.

m. Consideration of Bill No. 2017-076 Establishing a Fee Schedule for the use of the Walton Aquatic Center.

n. Consideration of Bill No. 2017-077 Establishing a Fee Schedule for the use of the Frank E. Peters Municipal Golf Course.

o. Consideration of Resolution 1506 Approving membership in the Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission.

13. Reports

a. Monthly Department Reports

b. Boards and Commissions Written Minutes/Reports

i. NRMC Board – October 30, 2017
ii. Park Board – October 25, 2017

c. Mayor’s Report

d. City Manager’s Report

14. Miscellaneous Matters

15. Adjournment

Dated this 1st day of December, 2017 and posted at 4:30 p.m.

Johnna Williams, Deputy City Clerk