Radio Springs Park is located at 1100 S. College St

  This park is famous for having beautiful weddings in the gazebo that sits on the island.  There is a beautiful bridge that connects the outer lake-side to the island.  Radio Springs is also home of the spectacular Drive-Through Light Display that is put on every December by the Parks and Recreation Department.  This park is split into two sections.

The playground area located in the upper section of the park consists of:

  •       1 large shelter house with 8 picnic tables
  •       4 picnic tables on concrete pads
  •       3 barbeque grills
  •       1 drinking fountain
  •       1 play deck system for 5-12 years old
  •       1 play deck system for 2-12 years old
  •       2 riding spring toys
  •       1 centipede jungle gym (big kids)
  •       1 merry-go-round
  •       5 swings for the older kids
  •       Restroom facilities

The lake-side section consists of:

  •       7-acre lake
  •       One half mile chat waking trail around the lake
  •       Park benches around the lake
  •       1 gazebo on the island with benches, electrical water
  •       1 gazebo beside the lake with a picnic table
  •       1 ADA accessible fishing dock
  •       1 concrete boat ramp (non-gas powered boats allowed only)
  •       1 portable restroom

Old Photos of Radio Springs