Fire Department

Welcome to the City of Nevada Fire Department Homepage!

The Nevada Fire Department is a dedicated team of professionals committed to protecting life, property, and community resources. We serve an area of 9.2 square miles with a population of 8,500 and a daytime population of approximately 12,000. We respond to an average of 1,800 calls per year. Our staff includes 13 full-time firefighters, who are trained and equipped to handle a wide range of emergencies, including fires, medical calls, and hazardous materials incidents. The city is protected by a daily on-duty strength of 4 personnel.

The department operates the divisions of Administration, Fire Prevention, Training and Maintenance Operations. The department provides a wide range of emergency and non-emergency services including: Fire Suppression, BLS First Responders as requested from Vernon County Ambulance District, Regional Hazardous Materials response, Technical Rescue, fire and life-safety presentations and inspections at schools, businesses and community groups. Currently, the department holds an ISO (Insurance Services Office) rating of 3 which helps ensure lower insurance rates for Residential and Commercial Hazard Insurance.

Our Mission Statement

The Nevada Fire Department is dedicated to protecting life, property, and community resources through Prevention, Preparation, Response, and Mitigation. We believe that prevention is the best way to keep our community safe. That's why we work hard to educate the public about fire safety and hazardous materials. We also prepare for emergencies by conducting drills and training exercises. When an emergency does occur, we are ready to respond quickly and effectively. We are committed to providing the highest level of service to those in need.

Our Vision Statement

The Nevada Fire Department is committed to providing trained and knowledgeable personnel prepared to respond to our growing community needs. We strive to continually improve our organization through the use of innovation, allowing us to provide the highest level of service possible to those in need.

Our Core Values

Commitment: We are bound emotionally and intellectually to the City of Nevada.

Excellence: We are superior in our performance of our job.

Unity: We are strongest when we work together as a team.

Our Services

Fire protection: We respond to fires of all sizes, including residential, commercial, and industrial fires. Medical calls: We provide emergency medical care to people who are injured or ill. Hazardous materials incidents: We respond to incidents involving hazardous materials, such as gas leaks and spills. Technical rescue: We rescue people from confined spaces, high places, and entrapment. Community education: We teach fire safety and hazardous materials awareness to the public.

Our Commitment to the Community

The Nevada Fire Department is committed to serving the community. We work with other agencies to provide comprehensive emergency response services. We also partner with local organizations to promote fire safety and community preparedness.

We are proud of our strong history of service to the City of Nevada. We are committed to continuing to provide the highest level of service to our community for years to come.