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Franklin P. Norman Community Center

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The Community Center is all about its family-friendly environment and its high view on keeping Nevada Missouri's youth well involved in activities in sports programs and recreational events. The Community Center's goal for the community is to bring Nevada Missouri's families together as one family, one community, and as one great city.

The Community Center has Rooms for Rental as well.

Rental Fees

FacilityGeneral PublicNon-Profit
Game Room each additional hour$20$15
Game Room 4-hour block$85$65
Game Room 2-hour block$45$35
Kitchen Usage Deposit Fee- all users$100$100
Kitchen Usage 2-hour block$25$25
Kitchen Usage 4-hour block$40$40
Kitchen Usage- Each additional hour$10$10
Meeting Rooms per room each additional hour (25 people maximum capacity)$15/per hour$10/per hour
Meeting Rooms per room 4-hour block (25 people maximum capacity)$65$55
Meeting Rooms per room 2-hour block (25 people maximum capacity)$35$35
Small Gym All Day$120$95
Small Gym 4-hour block$95$75
Small Gym 2-hour block$50$40
Big Gym All Day$215$172
Big Gym 4-hour block$175$140
Big Gym 2-hour block$90$75


  • Big Gym - Has a regulation-size basketball court with fold-out bleachers, Has room for two regulation volleyball courts,  Has a two-lane walking track around the basketball court, Has a curtain to separate the gym into two smaller basketball courts, or too separate volleyball courts, Has 6 basketball goals, Has scoreboards on each end of the court.
  • Small Gym – Has a regulation basketball court, a regulation-size volleyball court, Has a scoreboard on one side of the gym.
  • Indoor Track –  Inside lane 15.5 laps per mile, outside lane 14.5 laps per mile
  • We also have Room Rentals (25 max per person) that the public can rent out for Parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Receptions, Business Meetings, Bible Classes, Cookouts, etc.
    • Meeting Room 1 - has a Projector Screen built-in. 
    • Meeting Room 2 - is the center room if it needs more space.  
    • Meeting Room 3 - has the Serving stage for the kitchen(kitchen not included)
  • Kitchen - The Kitchen has a 3-tier Sink, 4 Gas Stoves, a Grill, 2 Ovens, an Island, a Refrigerator, and a 4-tier Steam Table.
  • Game Room - 4 circle tables, Pool Table, Foosball Table, and arcade Games. 
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