2021 Resolutions

Resolution 1573 (PDF) - Authorizing the city council to execute a Missouri highway safety program for possible funding assistance for traffic enforcement.

Resolution 1574 (PDF) - Approving Angel Stop, LLC DBA Hop Inn has applied for a liquor license application for the period ending July 31, 2021

Resolution 1575 (PDF) - Declaring certain equipment, vehicles and items in the City’s inventory to be surplus property and authorizing its disposal

Resolution 1576 (PDF) - Approving the addition of two street lights within the City of Nevada, 2800 block of East Division Street

Resolution 1577 (PDF) - Consideration of Winter adjustments to water bills caused by leaks * will correct verbiage.

Resolution 1578 (PDF) - Confirming the streets to be improved in 2021 with transportation sales tax fund

Resolution 1579 (PDF) - Donating surplus fire equipment to Milo Fire Department

Resolution 1580 (PDF) - Review the certificate of elections results for the municipal general election concerning the election of two councilmembers held April 6, 2021

Resolution 1581 (PDF) - To Review the Certificate of Election Results for the Municipal General Election Held April 6, 2021 Concerning the Renewing of a One-Half of One-Cent ($.005) Transportation Sales Tax.

Resolution 1582 (PDF) - Approving membership with the Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission

Resolution 1583 (PDF) - Authorizing the City Manager to adjust the 2021 Walton Aquatic Center season pass fees

Resolution 1584 (PDF) - Tabled Authorizing the address change for the Nevada Elks Lodge from 510 North Centennial to 564 North Centennial

Resolution 1585 (PDF) - Authorizing consent for access to property for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) targeted brownfields assessment 

Resolution 1586 (PDF) - Selection and authorizing the City Manager to enter into negotiations with Burns and McDonnell for improvements at the Nevada Water Treatment Plant

Resolution 1587 (PDF) - Stating intent to seek funding through the American Rescue Plan Act and authorizing the City Manager to pursue activities in an attempt to secure funding

Resolution 1588 (PDF) - Approving liquor license applications for the period of August 1 2021 through July 31, 2022

Resolution 1589 (PDF) - Adopting an updated Title VI plan in accordance with the civil rights act of 1964 and the federal transit administration *for 2021-2023 due again May 2023*

Resolution 1590 (PDF) - Approving Fraternity Order of the Bears # 548 has applied for a liquor license application for the period ending July 31, 2022

Resolution 1591 (PDF) - Bid accepting insurance proceeds and appropriating said proceed for repair of a 2018 Freightliner pump truck #212

Resolution 1592 (PDF) - Bid accepting extractor from Leo M Ellebracht

Resolution 1593 (PDF) - Accepting donations from businesses and private individuals to purchase a trained police canine.

Resolution 1594 (PDF) - Accepting bid from JCI Industries, Joplin, MO for repair of Flygt pump for Water Treatment plant

Resolution 1595 (PDF) - Accepting sole provider bid for Trojan UV parts for the Waste Water Treatment plant from Ray Lindsey

Resolution 1596 (PDF) - Accepting the bid and authorizing payment to Johnson Truck Service, Deerfield, Missouri in the amount of $14, 153.50 for repairs to Fire Engine 216

Resolution 1597 (PDF) - A technical correction resolution to resolution 1590

Resolution 1598 (PDF) - Accepting bid from Nevada Concrete for 2022

Resolution 1599 (PDF) - Accepting bid from Ash Grove Aggregates for rock for 2022

Resolution 1600 (PDF) - Accepting bid from Hot Spots for fuel for 2022