City Treasurer

The Finance Department provides fiscal leadership for the City focused on long-term financial health while respecting the interests of its residents.

The four main components are cash management, public finance, investments and administration of taxes, and fees and charges.

Cash Management

The City Treasurer is the custodian of all City monies. Duties include but are not limited to cashiering, banking relations, reconciliation, financial reporting, and analysis.


Investment duties include calculating the City's cash needs and investing the City's idle cash. The objectives of the investment duties are to ensure full collateralization of all City bank deposits and to invest City funds into investment-grade securities which minimize risk while maximizing liquidity and investment earnings.

Public Finance

Debt management includes the issuance of new debt and the maintenance of the City's outstanding debt. The objectives are:

  • To maintain an effective debt program that provides a means to issue municipal bonds and capital leases in a timely manner
  • To obtain capital financing at the lowest market rates
  • To monitor bond covenants
  • To account for all debt-related transactions on the City's books
  • To provide financial information pertaining to the City's debt
  • To provide adequate disclosure on both a primary and continuing basis
  • To communicate directly to investors and make the City's financial information easily accessible to them

Taxes, Fees, & Charges Administration

The administration of all activities related to the billing, collection, and accounting for taxes, fees and charges include:

  • Annual property tax levy rate certification
  • Rural fire membership
  • Special assessment billing and collection
  • Occupation and merchant licensing
  • Water and sewer billing and collection