2024 Ordinances

Bill No. 2023-074 Ord. No. 8621 (PDF)- Amending the Zoning District Map by changing the zoning from R-3 apartment house district to C-3 Commercial District and vacating a street in the Edrick Place Addition for LPA-Nevada, LLC

Bill No. 2023-075 Ord. No. 8622 (PDF)- Authorizing an agreement with INETVISIONS, LLC for managed computer and network services

Bill No. 2023-076 Ord. No. 8623 (PDF) - Authorizing the City of Nevada, Missouri, to accept the bid and enter into a Lease/Purchase agreement with Arvest Equipment Finance

Bill No. 2024-001 Ord. No. 8624 (PDF) - Authorizing the execution of an agreement with Allgeier, Martin & Associates, Inc. for miscellaneous engineering services

Bill No. 2024-002 Ord. No. 8625 (PDF) - Accepting a grant award from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to the City of Nevada to purchase ADA playground equipment for Walton Park and amending the 2024 Fiscal Year Budget by increasing the park budget by $20,335.00

Bill No. 2024-003 Ord. No. 8626 (PDF) - Authorizing the execution of a Public Services Agreement with Nevada/Vernon County Chamber of Commerce for tourism operations

Bill No. 2024-004 Ord. No. 8627 (PDF) - Amending a fee schedule for the use of the Frank E. Peters Municipal Golf Course

Bill No. 2024-005 Ord. No. 8628 (PDF) - Authorizing the execution of Change Order No. 2 to the agreement with Elements Construction Concepts

Bill No. 2024-006 Ord. No. 8629 (PDF) - Amending Section 25-4.111 of the Code of the City of Nevada, Missouri