Plumbing Board


  • Don Crabtree (Licensed Plumber)
    Term Expires: June 2026
  • Jimmie Dye (Licensed Plumber)
    Term Expires: June 2026
  • ___________(Licensed Plumber)
    Term Expires: 
  • __________ (Lay member)
    Term Expires: 
  • ___________(Gas utility)
    Term Expires: 


The Plumbing Board was created under the direction of the City Charter, Article VI, Section 2-30.

Goal & Duties

The Board shall examine applicants and their credentials to determine the practical qualifications for the certificate sought; prescribe rules and regulations; maintain all records associated with certificate holders; and recommend any changes as deemed desirable to the City Council.   

The Board will consist of not less than five members appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council.  Three members shall be licensed plumbers with at least five years of experience;  One lay member who has been a voting resident for three years, and one representative for the natural gas utility. Terms will be three years and shall not serve more than two consecutive terms.  The Board shall meet at the call of its chairman or any two members. Three members constitute a quorum and any action shall require the vote of at least three members.